Teacher educators concerns towards inclusive education for children with disabilities in Cameroon; Appraising implementation efforts

December 2020 | IJERR

Corresponding Author E-mail: adelinedjiala@yahoo.fr
Published: 29 December 2020


All children deserve access to education, including those in low income countries. Educators and teachers share a desire to promote inclusive education, and can came together, to educate themselves about current developments. Teachers have been shown to affect their inclination and ability to implement an inclusive approach to education.  This study examined teacher educator’s concerns towards inclusive education in Cameroon secondary schools in order to further understand the challenges faced by countries that are economically  marginalize  in implementing educational reforms that even developed countries sometimes struggle with. Twenty teacher educators from the South West Region of Cameroon participated in the qualitative study designed to explore participants‟ understanding and perspectives of inclusion. Teacher educators‟ attitudes towards inclusive education was generally positive, however participants were unsure how to implement inclusive education. The findings are considered alongside the Cameroon government’s objective of inclusive education and further research opportunities are identified.


Appraising Implementation Efforts, Children with Disabilities in Cameroon, Inclusive Education, Teacher Educators.

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