Underage Labour in Nigeria: A Study of Street Hawkers

February 2021 | IJERR

Corresponding Author E-mail: dr.yemisennuga@yahoo.co.uk
Published: 27 February 2021


This study is an investigation into underage labour in Nigeria with specific focus on street hawkers in Kosofe Local Government Area of Lagos State. The study employed a cross-sectional descriptive study in which one hundred and fifty (150) hawkers and fifteen (15) adult traders constituted the sample. The data was obtained via the use of questionnaire and in-depth interview while the data was analyzed using student ‘t’ test statistic. The three research hypotheses that guided the study were tested at 5% level of significance and the result revealed that there is a significant relationship between poor parental economic background and involvement of underage in street hawking, parental/guardian occupation does not significantly influence the involvement of underaage in street hawking and there is a significant relationship between street hawking and academic performance of the underage. The study concluded that government and Nigerians should therefore, practically demonstrate their commitment to the global fight against child labour in which street hawking amongst underage has become a social stigma to the country especially in the major towns and cities through poverty eradication to enable each household carter for their family needs contrary to the current practice where children engage in street hawking to help boost their family financial status while free compulsory basic education to all children with free meals should be introduced/provided by the government to cater for children from poor socio-economic background while public enlightenment campaign against street hawking should be vigorously pursued.


Child Labour, Street Hawking, Underage, Academic performance, Socio-Economic Status.

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