Assessment of human capital development on cassava production in Nigeria: A Case Study of selected farmers in Jema’a Local Government Area, Kaduna State

November 2020 | JBMM

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Published: 26 November 2020


This research study conducted a thorough assessment of Human Capital Development and training effect on cassava Production in Nigeria with a case study of selected Cassava farmers in Jema’a Local Government Area, Kaduna State. This research paper further offers critical reviews of the theoretical literature on the effect of human capital development on Cassava farmers. Extensive academic output, using a diversity of approaches and analytical frameworks, sought to systematize knowledge transfer categories and strategies with a view to improving the application of its scientific knowledge on human capital training and development education. More so, the objectives of this study include: to a certain the extent to which manpower training and development has improved the cassava value chain. To achieve these outlined study objectives above, primary and secondary data were collected using well structured, tested and trusted close ended thought provoking survey instrument that were administered to the randomly selected research participants who are farmers drawn from the twelve wards of Jema’a Local Government. From the data analysis, the research findings highlighted that training has not been able to transform the value chain where one would see the existence of large scale cassava farmers together with cassava processing facility which would improve the economic prosperity of Nigeria. This study therefore concluded that Nigeria has not been able to use the human resource meaningfully. Based on the research outcome, the researcher recommends the needs of workers and how their performance is significant to the success or failure of the organization. The need to explore for better method for human capital training and development on cassava value chain in Nigeria. 


Manpower, Training, Development, Cassava, Value Chain, Sustainability.

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