Comparison of contrast sensitivity in Myopes and Hyperopes

December 2020 | JRMMS

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Published: 24 December 2020


To compare contrast sensitivity in myopes and hyperopes and the evaluation of diffrences in contrast sensitivity in different degrees of myopic and hyperopic correction. A comperitive cross sectional study was conducted on 31 patients having different degrees of myopia and hyperopia to assess its effects on contrast sensitivty. Visual acuties for distance and near was measured by using distance snellen chart at 6m and near vision chart at 33cm. Contrast sensitivity was measured by using Pelli Robson contrast sensitivity chart. Results showed us that contrast sensitivity effect ratio was more in hyperopes as compared to myopes . Moreover myopes with mild to moderate degree showed normal contrast sensitivity while contrast sensitivity was reduced on severe myopes. Hyperopes showed decreased contrast sensitivity then myopes. Binocular contrast sensitivity was better than monocular contrast sensitivity. It was concluded that hyperopes showed more reduction in contrast sensitivity as compared to myopes. Mild to moderate degree of myopes and hyperopes showed better contrast sensitivity without any optical correction. Severe degree of such refractive errors showed decreased contrast sensitivity. Binocular contrast sensitivity was much better than monocular contrast sensitivity.


Contrast sensitivity, Myopes, Hyperopes, Visual acuties.

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