Microbiological Association with Histopathological aspects of Autopsy Cases

February 2021 | JRMMS

Corresponding Author E-mail: Hassanraza1245@gmail com
Published: 27 February 2021


To determine the microbiological and histopathological association of medicolegal post-mortems with causes of death. Observational cross sectional study. Department of Pathology, KEMU from 1st January 2019 to NOV 2020. Sixty medico-legal autopsies were carried out from Autopsy Laboratories, Department of pathology, KEMU. Demographical details including age, sex, residence, causes of death were recorded after taking consent from the authorities. Microbiological and Histopathological and examination of the received organs were done. Forty four (73%) were males and 16 (27%) were females. Majority of cases 28 (37.33%) were ages between 18 to 65 years. Sudden death was the most frequent cause of death in 12 (20%) followed by gunshot and road traffic accident in 26 (43%) in cases.  Kidney, heart, brain, liver, lungs, spleen and Fracture of bones were the most frequent effected organs. The microbiological isolates were obtained from CSF, heart blood, pleural and pericardial and tracheal aspirates. Most common isolate was Klebsiella in 25 cases. Atherosclerosis and Pneumonia and were the frequent pathology findings. Microbiological and Histopathological examination is very effective and important for the medicolegal postmortem cases. Sudden death was the most common cause of death. The most common organs involved were, heart, brain, kidney and liver.


Post-mortem, Cause of death, Medicolegal cases, Histopathology.

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