Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS): A Review

March 2021 | JRMMS

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Published: 25 March 2021


Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) may be a newly emerged disease that rapidly spread round the world. The disease originated in southern China and a completely unique coronavirus (SARS CoV) has been implicated because the causative organism. the trail this virus took to line up human infection remains a mystery, though preliminary datum to origins in an animal reservoir. Nosocomial transmission of SARS CoV has been a striking feature during this epidemic. The clinical illness is analogous to several acute respiratory infections, although an outsized proportion of patients show a rapid deterioration with respiratory distress towards the top of the second week of illness. The management principles are broadly almost like treating any community acquired pneumonia but the infection control measures take a pivotal role. There’s no proven antiviral against SARS CoV. The foremost remarkable feature about the SARS epidemic was the speed with which the worldwide community acted during a coordinated thanks to control it.


Community acquired pneumonia, coronavirus, epidemic, SARS, SARS CoV, severe acute respiratory syndrome.

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