Ocular Syndrome and their Systemic Association

March 2021 | JRMMS

Corresponding Author E-mail: samiaiqbal988@gmail.com
Published: 25 March 2021


Coexistence of several ocular syndromes is more frequent than suspected. In spite of the ocular syndrome prevalence, one or more of the following can be detected simultaneously: Down syndrome, Goldenhar syndrome, Duane Retraction syndrome, Brown syndrome, and Mobius syndrome. In addition, as people age, ocular comorbidities are much more usually seen. Specific diseases are openly acknowledged to affect the eyes and vision, such as systemic diseases and congenital neurodegenerative disorders, hematologic malignancies, and/or systemic infections. Recent advances in early diagnosis and therapy of the ophthalmic syndrome and their systemic association have reinforced patient options to prevent visual impairment and blindness. Because of this, it is essential not to overlook sight-threatening conditions such as the ocular comorbidities and/or the eye involvement in the context of systemic disorders. Moreover, the important role of the multidisciplinary cooperation to improve and sustain management of patients affected with eclectic ocular comorbidities and/or systemic disorders with eye repercussion is specifically addressed. This study intends to shed light on these topics to help in making opportune diagnosis and appropriately managing the affected patients.


Ocular syndrome, systemic association, infection, mobius syndrome, blindness.

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