Effect of ocular diseases on contrast sensitivity: A cross sectional study

July 2021 | JRMMS

Corresponding Author E-mail: sohailmkd12@gmail.com
Published: 22 July 2021


This study was aimed at assessing the relationship between different types of ocular diseases with contrast sensitivity. Total of 97 pre diagnosed patients were included in this study (both eyes involved).Contrast sensitivity measured by Lea Symbols chart and were taken from 4m, 3m, 2m, 1m, 50cm and 25cm. Data were analysed using statistical packaging for social sciences version 25.0. From current study total of 52(100%) subjects were having cataract and out of which 50 (96.2%) were having poor contrast sensitivity. 8 (100%) subjects were having glaucoma out of which 7 (87.5%) were having poor contrast. 4 (100%) subjects were having macular degeneration and out of them 3 (75%) were having poor contrast. 14 (100%) subjects were having dry eyes and out of which 11 (78.6%) were having poor contrast. 10 (100%) subjects were having amblyopia out of which 6 (60%) were having poor contrast. 5 (100%) subjects were having diabetic retinopathy and all of them 5 (100%) were having poor contrast. 4 (100%) subjects were having optic neuritis and 3 (75%)) were having poor contrast. This study showed that ocular diseases affect contrast sensitivity.


Ocular disease and contrast sensitivity, contrast sensitivity, ocular diseases.

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