Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activities of hexane extract of Azanza garckeana

June 2022 | RJPCBS

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Published: 19 June 2022


The method of cold maceration was used in the extraction. The phytochemical screening of crude yields of the chemical constituent of A. garckeana showed that flavonoids, steroids, phlobatannins, alkaloids, saponins were found to be present. The results of the susceptibility studies revealed the most of the test organisms were susceptible to the extract except E. coli, Candida krusei and Vancomycin resistant enterococci with all zero diameter zone of inhibition. Significant inhibitory effects were recorded on Fomitopisis pinicolaon the extract with a diameter zone of inhibition between 21mm, Aspergillus fumigate (21mm), Staphylococus aureus (21), Methicilin resist (20), Proteus mirabilis (20). The samples are highly active as confirmed by the bactericidal and fungicidal activities of the crude extracts. A.garckeana could therefore be of pharmacological importance.


Azanza garckeana, bactericidal activities, fungicidal activities, phytochemicals.

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