Spectacular Journals is a purpose-driven and open-source knowledge dissemination organization which was created for two reasons. First, to publish excellent, new, and timely research studies and articles that are in line with the interest of our journals. Second, to create broad avenue for readers and researchers to easily locate, explore, and acquire new knowledge from the quality articles we publish, and to disseminate these articles freely for teaching and reference purposes, and especially to researchers and teachers in developing nations.

The establishment of Spectacular Journals is part of an answer to the constantly expressed wishes and desires of many researchers and teachers in developing nations, and particular to teachers and researchers in Africa and Asia who lack access to free quality and timely materials online. The Spectacular Journals organization seeks to help cure this current pressing problem and to aid research capacity building these developing nations and elsewhere as well.

Spectacular Journals goal is to establish a publishing house that is open to all. The chief aims of this open-access publishing house are to disseminate knowledge; provide learned references in key fields; and establish channels of communication between academic and research experts, policy makers and executives in industry, commerce and investment institutions.

Mission of Spectacular Journals

"Sharing academic knowledge through Publishing the most exciting researches with respect to the subjects of our Journals and providing a rapid turn-around time possible" Spectacular Journals in partnership with organizations, and education related foundations, offers a variety of programs and activities to promote education development, international collaboration, including scientific publication, financial support for researchers and international academic projects (conference, workshops, educational consulting services etc).

What is Open Access

Open access publishing allows free access to and distribution of published articles where the author retains copyright of their work by employing a Creative Commons attribution licence, therefore removing any barriers to access.